Monday, 25 November 2013

In the weekend

On Friday I went to the pools with Semi.Then I went back home.Then the next day I went to the Pt England beach.When I got there I saw Semi playing.When I went in the water I went to play with Semi.When I went to Semi he took me to a deeper place.Then I went back home to have lunch and I had fun.By Zion Keni

Monday, 18 November 2013

The boy with a pig

One day there was a little boy his name was Tom he like to play with pigs.When he saw a pig he was going to stole it.When he steal it he took it home.Then he was playing with it.Then a farm man was looking for one of his pig and he look for it.After that the farm man went to ask the little boy.Then he saw a pig but the little boy didn't want to give it because he like to play with them.Then the farm man let the little boy have it and the little boy was happy and the little boy name it Tim.  

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fireworks Night

On Tuesday I saw fireworks from my doorstep.Then it was raining and some people was still doing it.Then my brother had lot of cascades and then it was all finished. After the fireworks were finished I went back inside.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Off to space

One day it was my best day because I was going to the moon with my family too.When they went into the rocket it was cool.When they got to space they were happy.Then They saw something and it was the moon.When they got to the moon they were happy.When they walk on the the they were all happy.Then they went back into the rocket.Then they were all going back home in the rocket.When they got home they were happy.

Friday, 1 November 2013

At Ambury farm

At Ambury Farm              by Zion Keni

On Wednesday our Literacy group went to Ambury farm. Some of us went with Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Tepania went in  Mrs Slade’s car. When we got there we saw the cows first.Then we saw the cows getting milked and  the brown cow is called a jersey and the black cow is called a friesian.Then we saw a big kuni kuni and when I saw it I  went to pat it.Then we saw a pig and then I saw a mother pig and she had some little piglets. After we saw them drinking we went back to the cows and we saw the calves drinking milk.Then we  went to see the bull.Then we saw two sheep dogs. My favourite animal was the bull.