Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Auckland Museum

When we arrived at the Auckland Museum we settled down in the kai room. In the kai room we ate our morning tea. At school we were put into teams, I was with Jonson, Brandon, Hiwarau, Taniela, Leka, Paula and our teacher was Mrs Lagitupu.

The first thing we look at was the maori gallery. We saw harakeke and carvings. After the maori gallery we to the pacific gallery. There were traditional costumes and tapo in Tonga.  Niuean has similar things to maori.

After looking at the Auckland Museum we went outside to the domain. Once we got outside we had to take several photos. Some of the thing we took photos of were scalpchers, flowers and the waterfall.

In conclusion the Auckland Museum is home to valuable objects. It is where you learn about art and the history of our country.