Friday, 19 September 2014

Cross Country

At Pt England school we did cross country. This event happens every year. It was held on Thursday last week at 1:00 PM. It started from the year 1 boys up to the year 8 girls. There were parents and family supporting their children.

As Mr Burt called us up I was shaking. During our race, I ran at a medium pace. Passing other students bit by bit. I began to slow down a bit. As I got on the reserve I began to walk. As I passed teacher I heard words of encouragement.

Beginning my second lap, I was worn out but I wasn’t going to stop. Slowly jogging I spotted some  of my friends. I tried to catch up to them but they were too fast. So I just ran by myself.

I was near the finish line so I began sprinting my hardest. I crossed the finish line and celebrated my victory. Drinking plenty of water I was exhausted. I knew I did my best and I was very proud of myself.