Monday, 14 April 2014

Term 1 Reflecion

Term 1 Reflection 2014

My highlights this term would have to be creating movie with my friends. This is because I enjoyed acting and seeing the movie get finished.
I have made improvements in Maths.

I know this because I always do good in my maths. I also always get my work finished on time.

I still need to work hard to improve my Reading and writing.

I know this because I need to read all the time. I need to improve my reading level. I need to try hard in writing.

I am most proud of my efforts to create my Empathy movie.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be:
1.  work hard on my animations
2. Improve my reading

3. Improve my writing

Friday, 11 April 2014

Fia Fia

Last Night at 6:00pm we had to go to our changing room to get ready for our performance. I wore lavalava, a sisi and black face paint. Then  we went down the corridor door and out the library.

When we went outside, we saw a lot of people. The performance I liked the most was the Cook Island drums. The thing I did not enjoy was that we had to sit on the ground for a long time.

When we were almost about to perform I felt kind of nervous. In our performance we did a haka and the girls dance. When it was happening it Screenshot from 2014-04-11 10:05:21.png

Monday, 7 April 2014

Creepy story

Paragraph 1: Once upon a time there was a creepy scary boy who lived in a haunted house. He died in his own house and he is the spirit who keeps his house safe. Who ever walked past his house they must die.

When this man walked across his house he came so quick and dragged him in the house, the man was  yelling as loud as he could, HELP,HELP.
But Know one would hear him. All the man could  see was a boy who was a ghost his house was a mental hospital.

The boy had something in him and he thought it was the devil. In 1988 when he was a normal kid he went to the park to play and suddenly he saw something.

It quickly went in him and he started to feel like he was going to faint so he ran home and told his family that something was wrong but the didn't believe him.

So the next day early in the morning he killed his family. and when theses mentalist people came to check him and take him to mental hospital.

Finally when they got there he was checked by an expert he was and exorcism man who checks if the devil is in him and he was.

the boy was scared.